Nella - Mincer Machines


Long Lasting Life
Powerful oil bathed steel gears transmission. No belts or pulleys to maintain. Minimum noise and low maintenance cost.

Large Capacity and Safety Operation
Equipped with a safety protector guard in the feeding area avoiding accidents. (N.B. The plunger must always be used.)

Easy To Clean
Practical grinding system and feed pan that can be completely disassembled in a few minutes without tools reduces time spent on cleaning and maintenance operations.
Grinding system components are strong cast iron parts. Dip tin plating for hygiene and corrosion resistance.

Blade Cover Removal
You can remove the stainless steel blade cover by simply pressing the button and wash it safely in the dishwasher. To put it back on, just press it down into position.

Machine Details: 
12 FS 22 1HP/1Ph 22 2HP/1Ph 32 3HP/1Ph 32 3HP/3Ph 32 5HP/3Ph
Grinding Capacity (First Ground) 3.3 KG/Min 9.60 KG/Min 9.75 KG/Min 25 KG/Min 25 KG/Min 29 KG/Min
Grinding Capacity (Second Ground) 1.8 KG/Min 5.50 KG/Min 5.85 KG/Min 13 KG/Min 13 KG/Min 14 KG/Min
Motor 0.55 kW 0.74 kW 1.49 kW 2.23 kW 2.23 kW 3.72 kW
Volts 220 V 110 V 220 V 440 V 440 V 440 V
Net Weight 36 KG 57 KG 60 KG 106 KG 106 KG 131 KG
Leveling Feet Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
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